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Permanent Hair Removal

in less than 10 minutes

before laser hair removal


after laser hair removal


before laser hair removal


after laser hair removal



    Why choose us for hair removal:

     Only 8 – 12 treatments are required with the right hair and skin type!!!

     We use the latest medical grade technology.

    Minimal treatments saving you time.

    Reduced sessions saving you money.

    We have a qualified and experienced team.

    We offer payment plans with 0% INTEREST.

    We offer discounted treatment packages.

    hair removal packages

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    Questions and Answers:

    How many treatments will I need?
    Normally, five to seven sessions per area are needed in order to reach hair reduction of up to 90%.

    Can all hair be treated?
    Hair from very dark to dark blond can be treated effectively, while white or grey hair will not respond to the treatment. In general, the darker the hair, the better the absorption and therefore the better the results.

    How effective is the hair removal treatment?
    The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the color, thickness and depth of the hair. The outcome of the treatment also depends on the hormone levels. To reach a high level of effectiveness, it is important to set up a treatment plan with your doctor based on your skin type and hair consistency.

    Is it painful?
    The treatment is very comfortable, thanks to the laser device’s skin-cooling system. In some special cases, it is possible to apply an anesthetic cream before treatment.

    How often would I need a treatment?
    The treatments are normally performed with an interval of four to eight weeks, when definite hair growth is noticeable.