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Suitable for all women over 18 only

The meaning of “Polycystic” is multiple cysts. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a  common medical condition in women of all ages.  When a woman has this condition her hormones will be out of balance and cysts (benign masses) begin to grow on the ovaries.

If you have this condition it is necessary to consult with a medical practitioner.

Currently, there is no cure for PCOS and the treatment is only symptom-based.

Symptoms of PCOS:

  • Irregular (or no) periods
  • Reduced fertility
  • Excessive hair growth
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Thinning head hair

PCOS can really affect a woman’s confidence. The typical symptoms of PCOS can be difficult to deal with on a daily basis leading to depression and lack of confidence in ones own body.

As a laser clinic, we cannot help with the root cause of PCOS but we can help those in need deal with some of the unpleasant symptoms. Any ease of symptoms, will bring a boost in confidence and allow you to deal with the condition to the best of your ability.

Excessive Hair Growth 

Excessive hair growth can be very uncomfortable for women and despite the apparent ease of shaving or plucking, the sheer ongoing problem caused by PCOS can really bring you down. On top of the fact that it is time consuming, can end up being expensive and the hair problem is never actually going away.

Laser hair removal treatments are a permanent handling of excessive hair growth because they work to directly stop the hair follicles from producing any more hairs. That means that after a series of treatments, it is no longer a temporary solution or stop gap but instead the excessive hair will either be permanently gone or minimally permanently reduced.

Laser hair removal treatments are tailored to exactly what you need. The prices and treatment plans are based on the sizes of the areas to be treated. That way you can tailor a program to exactly what areas are suffering due to the PCOS.


Clogged pores on the face or body provide an ideal environment for acne bacteria, which can lead to pimples and inflammation. The unpleasant pimple disturb the appearance and the diverse treatment options are time-consuming and not very promising. The therapy with light is a welcome alternative with promising results.

Laser Treatment at Silk Laser Studio with Mediostar Next PRO:

If you suffer with either of the above conditions, you will most probably be familiar with the anti-biotics and roaccutane prescribed by doctors. Although these treatments can be effective, not everyone wants to go this route due to the adverse effect on the body of prolonged use of such medications.

We have an alternative option for you.

The outstanding results of laser light therapy on acne has really amazed us. As a matter of fact, it has become our new found passion to help people with such skin conditions.

With the Mediostar we apply heat and laser light to the skin which penetrates into the dermis destroying the acne causing bacteria. It also causes a shrinking of the sebaceous gland taking down the inflammation in just a day or two. A course of treatments is advised as well as product support for home care.

We like to do in depth consultations and we are happy to advise on all aspects within our reach of understanding to help and support our client.

* results may vary from person to person


TreatmentPrice per SessionNo. of Treatments Required
Microneedling with Transclear and Retinoid MaskR 1650.001-4
Microneedling with Transclear and Retinol 2%R 1450.001-4
Microneedling with Mesotherapy SerumsR 1450.001-4
Microneedling with Mesotherapy and LEDR 1550.001-4
Microneedling procedures for acne include Biorepair Ampule which is designed to repair and restore the skins microbiome with ceramides, peptides and probiotics.


PeelPrice per session
FACER 650.00
Retinoid PeelPrice per Session
FaceR 850.00
Face and NeckR 950.00
Face, Neck and DecolletteR 1350.00

IPL - Face Combos

AreaPrice per TreatmentNo. of Treatments Required
Face and Combos
Face, Neck & DecolleteR 2100.001-4
Face & NeckR 1600.001-4
FaceR 1400.001-4