Skin Microneedling

Free consultations to assess your skin and discuss an individual treatment plan for you

Skin texture, ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, post surgery scarring, stretch marks, pore resizing, collagen production

A course of 5-10 treatments is usually required for best results

We use  an innovative micro-needling device used to stimulate collagen production. The treatment has proven especially beneficial for the correction of moderate to severe ageing signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, uneven texture, post surgery scarring, stretch marks and enlarged pores.

Microneedling relies on multiple microscopic needles to penetrate the skin and create mini lesions, thus forcing the body to heal. The roles of the minor punctures consist of breaking old collagen chains, opening the pores temporarily and determining how your body reacts to injury by initialing a rejuvenation process.

Before the treatment we apply a mild topical anaesthetic to make the treatment more comfortable for you. Discomfort is minimal.

Microneedling treatments are compared with fractional lasers without the risk of pigmenting or damaging the skin beyond repair.

Plus, because it’s so small, just the size of a marker or highlighter pen, getting into smaller contoured areas becomes easier than using a laser.

While some patients should notice improvements in just a few days, others may not see any results for up to several weeks, depending on their skin type and the epidermis condition that needs to be corrected. A course of treatments is recommended for best results.

Immediately after the treatment your skin’s appearance will be slightly flushed and pink, similar to moderate to quite severe sunburn. Some patients have reported feeling sensitivity and tightness when they touch the treated area. The discomfort should diminish in the next 24 hours and after a couple of days, your skin will be completely healed.

Even though the procedure implies ‘tricking’ the skin into repairing itself, you should know that this is a skin remodelling treatment and it doesn’t present any risk of additional damage. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment in that it doesn’t involve injections. Therefore, the risk of allergic reactions is very low. While it’s true that mild side effects – tightness, itchiness, red skin or stinging – have been reported, they usually subside in less than 48 hours following the procedure.

The additional benefits to laser skin rejuvenation are deeper penetration for deeper wrinkles and scars including acne scarring and lines around the mouth. It is also safe to have this treatment done in the summer months.

Microneedling Price per session
FACE R 850.00