Microneedling by FUSION

...reduction of wrinkles, improvement of skin volumes.

Free consultations to assess your skin and discuss an individual treatment plan for you

Proven collagen induction which is safe for everyone

We can tailor make your treatment to suit your skin type and concerns

We give advice on home care to support your results

 Fusion is a professional skincare brand available in over 65 countries worldwide. Their main area of expertise is sterile cosmetics which may be administered with Medjet or a microneedling pen.

Fusion’s microneedling device is a certified medical device from France offering precise and controlled injury to the skin.

In 4 – 6 treatments the skin will achieve full rejuvenation although remarkable results are noticeable after every session.

Microneedling is a controlled injury to the skin that causes the skin to go through a wound-healing cascade. It stimulates the collagen and elastin synthesis in the skin resulting in tighter and firmer skin, with improved fine lines and wrinkles.

Microneedling is an effective anti-aging treatment that can be done every 4-6 weeks. In combination with professional product use at home to achieve noticeable results in skin health and appearance.

Different Fusion mixtures can be used on different areas of the face, neck and decollete to target specific concerns.

Microneedling at Silk Laser & Skin Aesthetics can be tailor made to your skin concern. Ie: ageing, texture, acne, pigmentation.

We do so by adding specialised and targeted Fusion serums or by layering specific peels and retinoids to the treatment. Please discuss your concerns with your therapist to establish a treatment protocol that addresses your individual needs.

Downtime for Microneedling: 

Expect 3 days of redness and inflammation post-treatment (exercise, swimming and hot water to be avoided during this time) avoid direct sun exposure 2 weeks before and after treatment.

Contraindications for Microneedling: use of bloodthinners, antibiotics, cortisone and corticosteroids.

Microneedling is safe and effective on all skin types all year round.


Microneedling by FUSION Price per Session
FaceR 1150.00
With PeelR1250.00
With Peel and Retinol 2% BoostR1370.00
With 6% Retinoid Mask & TransclearR1650.00
With Mesotherapy SerumsR1450.00
Face and NeckR 1350.00
With PeelR1450.00
With Peel and Retinol 2% BoostR1570.00
With 6% Retinoid Mask & TransclearR1900.00
With Mesotherapy SerumsR1650.00
Face, Neck and DecolleteR 1550.00
With PeelR1650.00
With Peel and Retinol 2% BoostR1990.00
With Retinoid Mask & TransclearR2200.00
With Mesotherapy SerumsR2150.00