Beaute Pacifique Danish cosmeceutical skincare technology

....for enhanced laser rejuvenation benefits and barrier functioning of the skin

Beauté-Pacifique offers a scientifically proven range of cosmeceutical skincare products from Denmark, which deliver outstanding anti-ageing results and improves the quality, texture and visual appearance of the skin by repairing, rebuilding and maintaining collagen fibre structures, thus protecting the skin and keeping it in optimal condition.

Benefits you can experience from Beaute Pacifique:


  • Helps correct aged and sun damaged skin.
  • Helps to enhance and maintain the benefits of non-ablative IPL skin treatments
  • Improves elasticity, texture and tone
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Addresses pigmentation and blemishes
  • Improves skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.


Whilst many products are only able to work on the skin surface or just beneath it, the unique patented delivery system in Beauté-Pacifique products such as Vitamin A Crème Metamorphique, allows high potency levels of Vitamin A to penetrate down into the deeper layers of the skin. This activates the cells responsible for repairing and rebuilding the collagen and fibre structures deep within the layers of the skin and after using for a short time, the skin starts to appear thicker and healthier as in younger skin. With continued use, the results are amazing!

The team at Beauté-Pacifique South Africa takes pride in being able to educate people in South Africa about their skin and to help them on the road towards the ‘healthiest’ skin possible! Every member of the team is passionate about the brand and the fantastic results that the products deliver. They are all committed to giving you the best service, advice and consultations to make sure that you get the correct treatment for your skin!

What is a Dermascan?

The DermaScan, is a unique patented medical ultrasound scanning technology, that enables a Beauté-Pacifque specialist consultant to analyse your skin and obtain readings on the conditions and construction of your skin down to the deepest layers.

The resulting images are then used to analyse the skin structure before and after the application of Beauté Pacifique products.

Below is the image generated from a DermaScan:

The colours indicate the density of the elastic fibre structures of the skin. The brighter areas indicate healthy, in-tact skin, whereas the darker, black areas indetify sun-damage and the loss of fibre-structure.

Research with the DermaScan has been used to create case studies to highlight the effects of Beaute Pacifique, the results of whichspeak for themselves.

A case study of a typical 45 year old women 

This image shows: A very uneven skin surface with wrinkles and aged, sparsely distributed collagen fibre network (bright spots).

Same skin scanned after 5 days of treatment with Vitamin A Crème Metamorphique

The image shows that the skin surface is now very smooth with fewer wrinkles with a restored, evenly distributed collagen fibre network underneath (more bright spots).