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BB Glow

Discover a new world of rejuvenating technology that shook the beauty industry.

BB Glow

The BB Glow method is a safe and non-invasive anti-age technique that provides an immediate result with effective improvement and skin lightening, wrinkle reduction and much more. This revolutionary technique combines the efficiency of nano-needling with the result of semi-permanent makeup.

BB Glow gives immediate results with effective facial and rejuvenation technique. Smooth, repaired, lightened, lifted, firmed and detoxified skin. All this makes the BB Glow technique unique.

Which skin problems can be eliminated with BB Glow treatment?

  • dark under eye circles
  • freckles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • scars
  • skin discoloration
  • enlarged pores
  • loss of elasticity
  • lines / wrinkles
  • tired skin
  • dry skin
  • redness


Area Price per Treatment No. of Treatments
Face R 800.00 N/A
Face & Neck R 1000.00 N/A
Face Neck and Décolleté R 1200.00 N/A
Treatment Packages    
Face R 2100.00 3 x Treatments
Face & Neck R 2600.00 3 x Treatments
Face Neck and Décolleté R 3000.00 3 x Treatments

*** Price may change at any time without Prior notice ***