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4 – 6 Treatments are recommended at 2 x weekly intervals for best results.

A great alternative to medication with effective results

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Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder characterised by pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. 

It often arises at puberty when the body dramatically increases its production of androgens, (male sex hormones). These hormones stimulate the production of keratin, (type of protein) and sebum, (an oily skin lubricant). If sebum is secreted faster than it can move through the pores, a blemish arises. The excess oil makes the pores sticky, allowing P- Bacteria, which feeds on the sebum to proliferate and become trapped inside the pore. 

If you suffer with any form of Acne you will know how this effects your self esteem and the struggle is long and tedious. The emotions that go along with the rollercoaster of dealing with this skin issue are exhausting!! The different opinions and advice you receive along the way confusing.

We have spent the last 8 years trialing and testing different treatments and taking not of each clients journey with medication, diet and various products and treatment options.

The main causes of acne are:


Oily skin

Hormonal Imbalances

The Four Grades of Acne:

GRADE 1 – comedones, papules – scarring uncommon – your Aesthetician can help you with this. Medical consultations are not required.

GRADE 2 – papules, pustules – scarring may occur – your Aesthetician can help you with this. Medical consultations are not required.

GRADE 3 – papules, pustules nodules – scarring may occur – your Aesthetician can help you with this. Medical consultations may be required. Discuss your options. Treatment is imperative to prevent scarring.

GRADE 4 – Nodules and Cysts – scaring very likely – consult with a medical practitioner.

Prescription medication will most likely be required.

Your Aesthetician can help with the scaring later down the line.

Treatment of Acne at Silk Laser & Skin Aesthetics:

We have an alternative option for you.

TREATMENT: Oral medications can be prescribed although this is not always advised as they may lead to severe side effects. At Silk Laser & Skin we aim to treat Acne with the correct home care combined with in clinic treatment.

In clinic treatments consist of a combination of IPL Laser Treatment, Meso-Therapy, Peels, Pixel Peels and Pure Retinols.

Correct home care is imperative, this contributes to 80%  of your skin’s health!

Consultations with our in house Aesthetic doctor are available for any prescriptions required.

Gut Health and the correct supplementation and diet are also a very important key in creating a healthy skin.


Area Price per Treatment No. of Treatments
Face and Combos
Face, Neck & Decollete R 1800.00 1-3
Face & Neck R 1400.00 1-3
Face R 1200.00 1-3
Neck R 650.00 1-3
Decollete R 1200.00 1-3
Shoulders, Decollete & Neck R 1300.00 1-3
Larger Areas
Full Back R 1800.00 1-3
1/2 Back R 950.00 1-3
Full Legs R 2200.00 1-3
Upper Leg R 1300.00 1-3
1/2 Leg incl Knees R 1300.00 1-3

*** Price may change at any time without Prior notice ***


Area Price per Session No. of Treatments
Face R 850.00 N/A
Face & Neck R 1050.00 N/A
Face, Neck & Decollete R 1250.00 N/A

*** Price may change at any time without Prior notice ***